Quick Tips: 8 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

Quick Tips: 8 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

Can you hear crickets whenever you post something on your Facebook Page? Use these 8 quick tips to boost Facebook engagement!

1. Keep track of algorithm updates. Facebook regularly changes the way they rank content, so make sure you know what kind of posts get prioritized.

2. Post interactive content. Ask questions, post ‘capture this’-photos, fill-in-the-blank posts, trivia, etc.

3. Post fun, helpful and share-worthy posts. People love to share content that makes them look good!

4. Ask for comments. If you post a link to a new blog post or article, ask your fans to leave comments on your Facebook Page instead of your website.

5. Keep it short & simple.  Like this tip.

6. Post when your fans are online. Use Facebook Insights to figure out when is the best time to post your content.

7. Pay attention to what your audience likes. Use Facebook Insights to see what content is most popular among your fans.

8. Post content that is relevant to your audience. Unless you sell pet food, stay clear of cat videos.

That’s it for this week! What kind of quick tips would you like to see next? Leave me a comment below!


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