Quick Tips: 8 Tips to Make It on Instagram

Quick Tips: 8 tips to make it on Instagram

Is your Instagram account gathering dust? Check out these Quick Tips to get your content in front of your audience!

1. Optimize your account info. Make sure to fill out all the important information, including your company’s bio, profile pic, website URL and phone number.

2. Add relevant hashtags to your photos. Use them to group together related photos (e.g. #TBT, #picoftheday #OurFaves), but be careful not to use too many hashtags per post.

3. Use filters. They’re free and make your pictures look awesome!

4. Optimize your content. Check what kind of pictures create the most engagement.

5. Be personable and fun. Show your followers what’s happening behind the scenes.

6. Create a social campaign and ask followers to post their own pics using a designated hashtag. Highlight the best pic of the day/week/month.

7. Respond to comments and engage with pictures posted by other users.

8. Be consistent and post regularly. Like all other social media, building your brand on Instagram is a long-term process.

That’s it for this week! What kind of quick tips would you like to see next? Leave me a comment below!

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