10 Content curation tools to save you time

Are you struggling to find good content to share on your social networks and still have time to run your business? Finding and sharing engaging content can be a real time-suck! Check out these 10 (free!) content curation tools you can use to save hours a day and still keep your social media audience engaged with relevant content.

1. Feedly – With Feedly you can gather headlines from all your favorite websites and blogs in one place; by subscribing to a website’s RSS feed you will see all the newest headlines in your Feedly dashboard, so you can quickly skim through them and only open the links you’re really interested in.

2. Google Alerts – Google Alerts lets you perform a search for specific keywords and will send you an update when new content is posted on the web about the topics you’re following. You can get an email update as soon as new content is published, once a day, or once a week. You can pick what kind of content Google should search for, for example blogs, news or videos.

3. Hootsuite – Social media monitoring and scheduling programs like Hootsuite are great for keeping track of what’s trending and for finding relevant news items related to your industry. You can see the latest posts by people and businesses you’re following on different social media sites, search for specific topics and get notifications when someone mentions you or your products.

4. Pinterest – Pinterest is the ultimate visual content curation tool. Follow Pinterest users and pin boards focused on topics your audience is interested in, and create your own boards with your favorite pins.

5. Storify – This one is a little different from the other tools in that it lets you pull content about a specific topic from different sources and use this content to create your own story. Think articles, pictures, videos, links and more, all put together in a story amplified by your own narrative. You can embed your stories anywhere on the web, and people whose content you’ve used will be notified automatically increase the chance of social sharing.

6. Listly – If you like to share lists with your audience, give Listly a try. This handy tool makes it easy to make fun and visually appealing lists using content from sources around the web. You can embed your lists on your website and share them on your social channels.

7. Scoop.it – Create a topic and scoop related content from all around the web with this tool. You can use Scoop.it’s search engine and community to find the best content based on your preferred topics.

8. Triberr – A great tool if you like to use content from established blogs. Bloggers are invited to join ‘tribes’, or groups of writers who produce content about the same topic, and are encouraged to share each other’s content.

9. Pocket – No time to check out that interesting article you just spotted? Save it for later with Pocket! This bookmarking tool lets you save weblinks with one easy click and tag them with keywords. This way, you’ll always have a library of relevant links to pick from when you’re ready to share content with your audience.

10. ThingLink – Create cool, interactive images with ThingLink. You can embed photos with information hotspots that can link to any type of media. A great way to create dynamic content for your website.

What’s your favorite content curation tool? Leave me a comment below!

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